Walsh Communications

Publishing Consultancy & Literary Agency

Walsh Communications Publishing Consultancy and Literary Agency was founded in 2006 by Emma Walsh who has over ten years experience in the Publishing industry. Walsh Communications provides creative and effective services to publishers and writers in the magazine and book industry in Ireland and the UK. The business also operates a small but highly successful literary agency.

Walsh Communications Publishing Consultancy provides energetic, creative and fresh ideas to all kinds of clients in the industry from large commercial publishing companies to smaller, literary houses and from magazine and newspaper publishers to individual authors and budding writers.Services include: Book Publicity Campaigns, Author Care and Book Tours, Publishing Industry Advice and Consultation, Creative Copywriting and Manuscript Editing and Appraisal.

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Walsh Communications Literary Agency sources and manages some of the most exciting new literary talent in Ireland today and helps build writing careers worldwide. In 2009 Walsh Communications Literary Agency were the agents for three Irish top ten bestsellers.

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Walsh Communications provide a range of solutions for publishers and writers, including:

  • Book Publicity Campaigns
  • Manuscript Editing and Appraisal
  • Author Care and Book Tours
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Publishing Industry Advice and Consultation
  • Literary Representation

About The Founder

Emma Walsh, founder of Walsh Communications, is a Committee Member of The Society of Publishers in Ireland and an Associate Member of The Irish Book Publishers' Association. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy, a Master of Arts in American Literature and Modern English (both from University College Dublin) and an IAPI Diploma in Advertising. She has reviewed books for print and radio, written for national newspapers and magazines and regularly gives talks and workshops on various industry-related topics.


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